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The following is a listing of all of the topics that are available here on The Bacon Station. These topics are mainly directed to educators who are implementing amateur radio within education or who are working with a school amateur radio club; however, there are some topics that could even help educate even the seasoned HAM operators.

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The Bacon Station Topics

We will be adding topics as we test them out and document them ourselves, so this may be a slow, but ever changing process. At the bottom of each topic page, there is a section where you can leave comments or ask questions.

For each one of the topics, you will find more information available when you access the page. Some of the topics will also have associated club activities or lessons for educators/advisors.

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ARISS - Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
With this topic we will discuss the ARISS program and how your school can participate with this program.
BaoFeng UV-5R - Introduction
The BaoFeng UV-5R radios are great little "starter" radios for kids due to the price of these HT radios. This topic will discuss the radios and how to program them.
Chasing Special Event Stations
One of the great adventures in amateur radio is chasing special events and QSL cards. This topic dicusses how to get into that part of the hobby and how to explain it to the kids.
Digital Mode PSK31 - 101 (PSK31 Explained)
An introduction to just one of the digital modes, PSK31. This topic will explain what it is and how it works.
Digital Mode PSK31 - 102 (PSK31 Making Contacts)
Let's go further with the topic and explain show to make contacts. What the codes are and the exchange syntax.
Digital Mode PSK31 - 103 (PSK31 More Information)
After you get into using the mode, this topic takes you a step further and explains some more information related to PSK31.
Family Radio Service Explained
A good way to get started with your kids getting on the air, especially if they are not licensed yet, is to use Family Radio Service or FRS.
Playfair Ciphers
Not an actual amateur radio topic; however, there is some history with this one that includes amateur radio and how the cipher was is used in military operations. The kids will learn how to encode and decode these ciphers.
Playfair Treasure Hunt
Once you have your directional antennas, have covered the playfair cipher, and covered radio direction finding, now it is time for a Playfair Treasure Hunt. Read this topic to find out about a fun and exciting adventure you can have with your kids.
Radio Direction Finding
Radio direction finding is used to find sources of interference to any form of wireless electronic communications, including broadcast and two-way radio, television, and telephones. With this topic, we introduce the topic to the kids and explain how they can perform this activity as well with fox hunts.
Setting up is used by amateur radio operators all over the globe to lookup detailed information about other amateur radio operators. This topic will explain the website and give directions on how to claim and setup your account.
Tape Measure Yagi Antennas
If you are looking for a cost effective project that is great for the kids, then consider this maker project that they can use with their handheld HT radios. These directional antennas can then be used for future fox hunts.

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